Loan A  Guitar Project

The VCGS is now partnering with Long and Mcquade and local luthier, Tybon Wu to provide loan guitars to active society members who do not have a classical guitar of their own, but wish to pursue studies of the instrument. Completed Musical Instrument Loan Application (below or click here) and deposit required.

Subject to availability, the following Musical Instruments are available for loan to any member of the Vancouver Classic Guitar Society (VCGS) upon completion of this Loan Application, Musical Instrument Loan Agreement, and the approval of the VCGS. Priority will be given to students of the classical guitar who are currently enrolled in lessons, or using the instrument for educational purposes (college basic musicianship programs etc) (a) Classical Guitar built by Tybon Wu, Burnaby, B.C. S/N #2, 2013. Estimated value $2,000 (b) Loan Period The loan will be for up to a four (4) month period. Any extension on this will require re-submission of the application and loan agreement. Security Deposit A security deposit of 10% of the estimated value of the instrument will be required, which will be returned upon satisfactory completion of the loan.
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