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Jérémy Jouve

  • Pyatt Hall, VSO School of Music 843 Seymour St, Vancouver V6B3L4 Vancouver Canada (map)
Live concert Melbay GFA Winner

As a strong ambassador, Jérémy Jouve continues his international tours and albums with one goal: to combine modernity and classical guitar.

His musical education at the Ecole Normale de Musique and the Superior Conservatory of Paris (Paris Conservatory), where he studied with the greatest of which Alberto Ponce and Roland Dyens, give him the love and respect for music, the perpetual search for a beautiful sound and deep understanding of the construction works he chooses to interpret. The musician has managed to retain all its sincerity despite a magnificent trajectory price of the conservatory at 13, first European tour at the age of 16, winner of the international competition GFA guitar in Mexico to 24.

In 2003, the GFA opens the doors of a US tour five months but also earned him a debut album with Naxos, followed by two other disks. A live concert in 2009 in Melbay also came out on DVD and a new album this time in duo for Reference Recording, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2014. These albums reflect his strong desire to enhance the rich repertoire of the classical guitar.

Please join us for a pre-concert intro session at 6:15 pm

Our intro session will feature music by local up and coming guitarist Tejay Liao and both our intro session and our intermission will be complimented by art works exhibited by artist George Abramishvili.


George Abramishvili was born in 1964 in Russia and grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet Union).  Escaping a war torn country in 1994, George brought his family to British Columbia. Since 2005 George has been living and drawing in Vancouver. This exhibition gives us a chance to see paintings in gold-and-black, which became George’s signature style.

George’s graphics are based on an exploration of the self. Finding inspiration in the events and the people in his life, this collection is a fragmented autobiography with each creation telling a unique story - tales of wonder, adventure, friendships, love and loss. The use of deep darkness of the india ink keeps the viewer grounded while the juxtaposition of the gold paint metaphorically reaches for the intangible: the memory, the subconscious, the dream. Similar to the interplay of the gold and the ink, the illustrations explore many dualities: nature versus urban, feminine versus masculine, the real versus the surreal. There is no tension seen in the dichotomy but a complement of one another - implying the need of the other to exist. The collection’s unified style stays true throughout, but the theme subtly changes as the artist grows from the experiences. George’s body of work allows the viewer to take a glimpse into the mind of the artist and watch the examination of it unfold.


Tejay Liao is an aspiring young classical guitarist from Vancouver, BC. Tejay started his journey with music learning to play the violin for 4 years and then switching instruments to the guitar when he was 14. Drawn by the intricacy and beauty of fingerstyle pieces, he soon gravitated towards more classical styles, starting formal training at 16, and finishing the requirements for the RCM 10 exam by 17. Tejay is very passionate about the instrument and is currently working towards a BMus in guitar performance at UBC.

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