2017 VCGS Picnic Reflections

VCGS picnic 2017 - Raymond Performs.jpg

VCGS Wraps up its 2017 Season with a well attended picnic in the iconic Stanley Park. Fantastic weather complimented the gathering of new friends and old. Delicious BBQ courtesy of Manami, Morgana and Kevin, as well as potluck food brought by many of the guests/organizers helped to put a smile on everyone's face.

Of course, no VCGS picnic could be complete without some good old fashion guitar playing and many people joined together in improvised trio/quartet arrangements. We finished the evening with some solo performances from some of the younger attendees (Solon and Raymond) and bid each other a fond farewell. It won't be too long before we see each other again with Jeremy Jouve's concert just around the corner!

by Alec Pearson
VCGS Chair