Adult Registration - 6:30pm

Adult Registration - 6:30pm

from 5.00

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1.Deadline dates will be detailed in registration forms for organized recitals/concerts. All registration forms must be fully completed and received (with fee) on or prior to this date. Please note that if an entry form is sent via mail, it will need to be sent a few business days before the deadline. No refunds will be given for cancelations after the given deadline. Late applications will be charged an additional $5 to process. Applications will no longer be considered if received during the last three days leading up to the event.

2.If you are unable to attend your performance, and the application deadline has passed, please make a courtesy to let VCGS know.

3. Pieces should be well prepared and memorized following the mantra of quality over quantity.  Due to time constraints, students are not guaranteed to perform all of their selections. Teachers and performers will be asked to assert good taste in deciding whether repeats that are not structurally important to the piece should or should not be played, keeping in mind the approximate time length of their overall performance.

4. Proper attire is expected of all performers and students and is a sign of respect towards fellow students/performers as well as the practice of performance. (No torn or sloppy T-shirts or jeans, and no runners). VCGS reserves the right to prohibit performers who neglect this clause.

5. Students/performers should also be instructed in matters of stage AND audience deportment (curtsey or bow, walking –not running, quiet during performance). Please show courtesy towards other students/performers and do not leave during an ongoing performance.

6.  Students/Performers should aim to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of recitals.

7. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDING PERMITTED. VCGS will set up a single recording device and make videos available upon request.  Opportunities for a group photo with all performers on stage may be possible given time constraints at the end of the recital.

8. All registrants give their permission for their photographs, video and audio to be used by the VCGS. Any registrant with an objection to this clause should submit a withdrawal of consent to the event organizers before the application deadline.

9. In breaching any of the above terms and conditions, performers, students and other attendees, will waive their right to perform and/ or participate in any fashion with the set event, and may be either asked to leave, or refuted entrance by the event organizers.

10. Duet partners who perform on an instrument outside of the discipline of guitar are not required to pay a registration fee. Their names should however be mentioned on the line provided for other “relevant info” and the name of the piece(s) they are co-performing should be marked with an *.

For Teachers

1. Please make an extra effort to stress to students the importance of the conditions 5 and 6. Please make a diligent effort to ensure they are well instructed on these matters as it is essential to helping the recital process move in a fluid and enjoyable rhythm for all involved.

2. Teachers of registered students are expected to attend the concert. Teachers of registered students will not be charged admission.

3. It is highly recommended that students are prepared well in advance. It is also recommended that teachers help facilitate the registration of students, preferably in advance of the deadline. This will help maximize the participation of the recital and ease the work of the organizers.