Our Purpose

The purpose of The Vancouver Classic Guitar Society is to build community among classic guitar enthusiasts, to educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of classic guitar music by providing performances of an artistic nature in public places, and by providing workshops relating to classic guitar music, to encourage study of the classic guitar, to enrich the culture of classic guitar in Vancouver, and to provide opportunities for guitarists of all levels to meet and play together.

Board of Directors for  2016-2017

  •   Chair: Galina Jitlina
  •   Artistic director: Daniel Bolshoy
  •   Vice Chair:  Luis Angel Medina
  •   Secretary & treasurer: Morgana Xu
  •   Public communication and volunteer coordinator: Clive Langley
  •   Open mic/social and EAS coordinator: Alec Pearson
  •   Publicity Director: Michael Ibsen

Executive Board for 2016-2017

  •    Outreach program coordinator and ensemble director: Luis Angel Medina
  •     Publicity director assistant: David Sossa
  •  Publicity director assistant:Liel Amdour


Membership Coordinator and Designer: Nataliya Pashchenko
  •   Treasurer & secretary assistant: Marilyn Grant

For information on Vancouver Classic Guitar Society’s events, please call us at 604-440-0263 or email info@vancouverguitar.org.


The society is non-profit charitable organization registered under the Society Act as of February 26, 2007. The Constitution and By-laws are available on-line for viewing.